BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A man has been impersonating a police officer and making illegal traffic stops throughout Frederick County over the last two months, according to the Frederick County Sheriff Office and Brunswick Police Department.

On April 11 at about 6 p.m. on Route 340, the man was driving a black SUV with a single blue LED light bar, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. The man was wearing khaki pants, a black hoodie, black baseball cap, a black face covering and a black tactical vest without any identifying agency. The driver described the man as being stocky with black hair and a southern accent.

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The “officer” allegedly did not identify himself with an agency and asked the driver if any narcotics, guns or bombs were in his car, police said. The driver said he didn’t have any of those items, but did have prescription medication, according to the statement.  The “officer” asked for the pills and the driver’s identification, and the driver handed both over.

The driver asked the “officer” for his identification, and the “officer” went back to his SUV with the driver’s prescription pills and sped off, police said.

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Maryland State Police and the Sheriff’s office both said there were no accounts of a completed traffic stop in that area at that time. Brunswick Police also responded to a similar call of a black SUV with similar identifying information as this incident, according to the statement.

The Sheriff’s office gave the following tips to motorists of what to do in a traffic stop:

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  • If it is dark outside, pull over in a well-lit area;
  • Look for a uniform and if the officer is in plain clothes, look for some sort of agency identifier;
  • If there is no agency identifier, politely ask the officer for their proper identification;
  • If they don’t provide you the proper identification, ask if you can contact the police dispatch center to verify the stop. For FCSO, that number is 301-600-1046;
  • Pay attention to what the officer is asking for, such as license, registration, proof of insurance;
  • Don’t get out of the vehicle, unless the officer is verified and has asked you to do so;
  • Finally, trust your instinct. If the stop feels “off,” then contact the police dispatch or 911.

The Sheriff’s office is asking anyone who may have experienced a traffic stop like this in Frederick County or has any other information to call 301-600-1046.

CBS Baltimore Staff