By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Today we begin a seven-day run of temps below the average – now in the low 70s. But this should come as no surprise as this has been discussed here, and other weather pages on

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Sunny and 67° today and it is that sun I would like to discuss with you today.

Time for the yearly SPF reminder. El Sol is high enough in the sky now to do damage. Fortunately, for many ladies most makeup has SPF protection. But if you are not wearing that makeup, literally all over including your head and hands, or if you are a guy reading this, do yourself a favor and put some boat-drink-smelling suntan lotion on. And as I just alluded to, there are areas of your body to totally remember applying it.

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I see my dermatologist yearly to have him check for skin damage or skin cancer. The first places he looks are my ears, between my fingers, and between my toes. He pointed out to me these are the places usually missed when applying the SPF “name your number.” And speaking of the SPF number he goes right to “30.” A while back, he also pointed out to me that most damage to our skin occurs when we are young, but protection right now helps to stave off any of those decades-old issues. Bottom line be thorough with the lotion.

Now beyond my public service announcement for this day go on out and enjoy what promises to be a weatherwise calm and uplifting day.

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