BALTIMORE (WJZ) — All over social media, people are sharing photos of the cicadas emerging from the ground all over Maryland.

But with temperatures expected to near 90 this week, a “cicada tsunami” is coming.

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Depending on where you live, they may already be crawling all over trees and sidewalks, but in some places, they are still hiding in the grass. But that’s about to end.

Brood X cicadas have been slow to appear due to the below normal temperatures last week, experts say as early as Wednesday, you will see them everywhere and hear the chirping.

Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram shared this fun fact in a tweet this morning: there can be as many as 750,000 cicadas per acre.

The 17-year cicadas are harmless and don’t bite and are more of a nuisance.

One professor told WJZ they are a great source of protein and eating them is good for the environment. She says they taste like shrimp, once cooked.

Another fun fact: they have five eyes!

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