By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Here comes another really fine day. Don’t overthink it just enjoy it. Sunny and near 90°. This will be the third really nice day in a row. Temps have bumped up each day as expected, but is that so bad. Nah. And as we have been discussing all week there are more day’s like this ahead.

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For some advanced planning purposed, after all it is Wednesday and the weekend looms on the horizon. I do want to point out the chance that the afternoon of Sunday Funday could feature some thunderstorms raking across the area with the arrival of a cold front. So just keep that in mind and we end the weekend and start the march toward Memorial Day.

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89° this afternoon is the forecast high. If the airport gets to 90° it will be the first time since September 2nd of 2020. But humidity is just starting to slowly enter the picture during this heat snap, unlike last September. But as we approach this weekend we may start to use the word sticky for the first time in the past 8+ months. We’ll see.

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