BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The holiday weekend saw a record number of Americans traveling since the pandemic first started.

And this Memorial Day, a record number of Marylanders are expected to hit the road as they come home from their holiday weekend.

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With more than half of Americans vaccinated and CDC restrictions easing, people are hitting the roads to gather with family and friends and reunite after more than a year.

“They missed out on so many holidays, so they are taking advantage of it,” said Shannon Wingfield.

Travel is up 60% this year over last year, with aout 1.6 million people taking to the sky. In DC, Maryland and Virginia, 2.8 million people are opting for a road trip instead.

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“If you’re traveling, you’ll want to go early or late, especially if you’re going over the Bay Bridge,” said one travel expert.

An added challenge for drivers, higher prices at the pump. The national average is a little more than $3 per gallon, the highest rate in seven years.

With increased traffic, travel times are expected to be about 20% longer with possible delays during the afternoon and early evening.

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For those of you driving home Monday, AAA suggested you take a break every two hours, trade off driving and leave either early in the morning or later on at night.

Rachel Menitoff