BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With a hand of diamonds and hearts, 12-year -old Aurora Brown is the Queen of card tricks.

Brown sat at her kitchen table to show WJZ her talent. Amazed by her talents, her mother Heather said “Yup. Brian and Annie are amazing, right?”

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Brian Kehoe and Annie Montone are Aurora’s instructors at the School of Magic Arts in North Baltimore or “SOMA” – a program New York Magazine said is an online class actually worth taking.

Montone is the Head Magician.

“Every single day, we see kids and they gasp to themselves and say ‘I can do it. I can fool somebody! I can really do this!’ It dawns on them how powerful they are and we love that,” said Montone.

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That feeling of empowerment was born in 2016 when the pair started performing as “The Encounter” before eventually giving private lessons and now virtual magic camps.

“You might start with the basics of cards,” Montone said. “The basics of coin magic. The basics of mentalism and as you go through our program, you level up.”

SOMA’s six camp sessions offer youth ages 7 to 14 to learn and make friends, which is important during a changing world.

Brown’s mindset is mature beyond its years. “There’s always a way to do something even if it seems impossible. There’s always a way to do something. Even if it seems impossible. Like most people see magic, it’s not and you can just find a way to do it,” she said.

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It’s valuable life lessons preaching positive attitude and confidence like these SOMA is specifically designed for, to trick the human eye and the mind.