PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — An outstanding GPA, numerous awards, and 15 college acceptances are just some of the accomplishments of Pikesville High graduate Olivia Carter.

Carter is not one to brag about her accomplishments but her success speaks for itself.

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“It was just every day I genuinely enjoyed going to school,” Carter said.

She’s a 2021 graduate of Pikesville High School with a 4.2-grade point average and more than a dozen college acceptances.

“And then I got the emails back, that I had been accepted into all of these colleges, and the first one, I was like super excited. I was like ‘Oh my God, I got accepted,’ and then the rest kept coming in,” Carter said.

She has also done something that no one else in her class was able to do — she hasn’t missed a day of school since kindergarten.

“Never, not one day,” she said.

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Even when she injured her toe in elementary school, she put on some comfy shoes and walked herself back to class.

Her dad, Jon Carter, said his daughter’s love of school came naturally.

“She realized every day in school is a learning experience and ‘I do not want to miss a day of that experience.’ That’s what she tells me,” Jon Carter said.

Olivia’s 13-year milestone was recognized as she walked across the stage at her high school graduation. She’s now ushering in a new era as a soon-to-be freshman at Morgan State University.

WJZ Reporter Rachel Menitoff asked Carter: “What are the factors that have played such a significant role in your success?”

“I have a community of people around me that are supporting me and uplifting me, making sure that I know that I am capable of doing everything that I want to set my mind to,” she answered.

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Olivia took Advanced Placement psychology at Pikesville High School. She said it inspired her to now minor in psychology with a major in business administration.

Rachel Menitoff