BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Patrice Jackson’s mask is not going anywhere with more contagious Delta variant cases on the rise.

“I wear it for safety reasons. I know they have this new strain of Covid so I just wear the mask to be safe,” Jackson said Tuesday as she headed to buy groceries in North Baltimore. “I  thought it was all over, and then I said ‘Oh Lord, here we go again.’”

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Maryland is reporting more than 100 new Covid infections for the eighth straight day. One hundred fifty-five cases were confirmed Tuesday by the Maryland Department of Health and doctors say they are fueled by dangerous strains targeting the unvaccinated.

While some cities have reinstated mask mandates, none in Maryland are doing so at the moment. Some Marylanders told WJZ they do not want to see old restrictions again.

“I hope that we don’t end up with a mask mandate again. If that’s what they feel is safe for everybody, I understand and I’ll go with it. But I don’t live in fear,” said Keri, as she finished up her shopping in Hampden.

Angela Dudley believes the numbers are hyped to make people scared.

“There’s entirely too much made of it,” she said. “I’m not the least bit concerned. There are a lot of people who live in fear. I do not.”

For the first time since January, all 50 states are reporting rising case numbers. But Maryland is one of the top ten most vaccinated states, and the positivity rate here remains relatively low at 1.53%, inching up .05% in 24 hours.

Other states like Arkansas, which has the third-fewest vaccinations, are seeing some hospitals fill to capacity.

David Koch just got back from Los Angeles, which reinstated its mask requirement.

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“I’ve been vaccinated. My family’s been vaccinated. We use masks,” he said. “I think we’ve got to take the politics out of it and just stay safe. I see it as a sign of respect by me keeping a mask on whether I’m sick or not, I’m helping you out.”

In Baltimore over the past four weeks, cases are up 26 percent; the positivity rate is up 28 percent but deaths are down by 100 percent.

The big question: Will things get worse?

Dr. David Dowdy, associate professor of epidemiology with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said Delta variant cases are doubling every two weeks and encouraged people to get vaccinated.

“This is like the start of other waves we have seen, and if we do some small things now, we can prevent ourselves from being in a lot of trouble a month or two from now,“ he said.

More than 76 percent of Maryland adults have received one vaccine shot.

Delta variant cases make up 83 percent of all sequenced cases in the United States, the director of the Centers for Disease Control told lawmakers Tuesday. That is up from 50 percent just two weeks ago.

Maryland sequences roughly 45 percent of positive tests for various COVID-19 strains.

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For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.