BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  A survey released this week found that Baltimore Ravens fans are among the NFL’s heaviest drinkers.

The survey found that Ravens fans drink an average 4.7 drinks per game, second only to Cincinnati Bengals fans, who down an average of 5.2 drinks per game. Right behind Ravens fans were the infamously rowdy Buffalo Bills fanbase. Bills fans have an average of 4.5 drinks per game.

The survey ranked Ravens fans the eighth-biggest pregamers, with 68% admitting to drinking before kickoff. However, they are the seventh-biggest lightweights, with 56% of Ravens fans admitting to having missed some or all of the game because they drank too much.

However, a dollar goes further for Ravens fans hitting the liquor store, bar, tailgate or concessions stand. The survey found that, on average, Ravens fans spend $45.54 on drinks. That’s far behind fans of the Los Angeles Chargers, who spend an average of $60.93 per game on drinks, according to the survey.

CBS Baltimore Staff