By Amy Kawata

OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) — Ocean City Beach Patrol now confirms that it was indeed a shark that bit a Pennsylvania girl on vacation with her family this week.

Twelve-year-old Jordan Prushinski is recovering after a shark bite left her with 42 stitches.

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“I’m trying to like wanting to stay out of the water for a little while,” said Prushinski.

“She’s doing great. She was on the beach today,” said Captain Butch Arbin, Ocean City Beach Patrol.

Prushinski and her family were at the beach Monday near 119th street when she felt something sharp brush up against her leg in the water. She then realized she was bleeding once she got out.

“Why the shark was where it was? The experts think it was just going after food and the little girl happened to be in its way,” said Arbin.

OCBP said experts with the Department of Natural Resources believe the pattern of the bite matches a small Sandbar shark that is native to the area.

“This is not a shark attack. It’s not anything to be concerned about. This type of shark, sandbar shark, is not an aggressive type of shark. They see very little interaction with humans,” said Arbin.

Experts said the chances of getting bit by a shark are extremely rare. In fact, Capt. Butch Arbin with Ocean City Beach patrol said this type of incident is the first time ever recorded in the state.

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“It’s never happened before in Maryland history. It’s never happened in Ocean City,” said Arbin.

Arbin said beach-goers should not let this incident get in the way of enjoying the ocean this summer.

“They don’t need to worry about it. They should be more concerned with things like rip currents,” said Arbin.

As far as Prushinski, she remains fearless and said she’ll brave the water again once her stitches are out.

“Something like this is rare and rare for it to even happen again,” said Prushinski.

To clarify the difference between a shark attack and a shark bite — experts said an attack is when a shark bites and holds on in an attempt to feed. A bite is when a shark bites and immediately releases without causing too much damage — what Prushinksi experienced.


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