By Tim Williams

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — While on CBS This Morning, our furry friend Grover admitted that being on live television makes him nervous. However, he’s found that taking deep breaths helps him to relax.

“You breathe in through your nose,” said Grover. “And then you let it all out.”

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Grover stopped by because Sesame Street Workshop has teamed up with the meditation app Headspace to create a series of monster meditation videos and books along with a new podcast called Good night world to help kids deal with stress.

Education experts say kids often don’t have the language yet to describe their emotions. So it’s important for parents to help them express their feelings.

“Don’t say ‘Oh, you’re going to be fine.’ That doesn’t help children. You want children to understand that I’m having a big feeling. And I’m going to call it frustration or disappointment or worry or nervousness, and then help them figure out well how can we make this big feeling? Feel better?”

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Grover also had a tip that helps him fall asleep.

“Let’s all watch the Superbowl it’s all imagine it floating up into the ear.”

Tips and tricks for children that may also help their parents relax.

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Studies have shown adequate sleep helps children with their overall health, their concentration and their ability to learn.

Tim Williams