BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  A Baltimore teacher takes home a big prize — $25,000 to buy all new equipment for her photography and visual arts students.

Jenna Porter is a visual arts teacher at Roland Park Elementary Middle School.

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Last month, she got an incredible surprise — a $25,000 check made possible by Orise and its CIA Mission Possible Classroom Transformation Program.

It allowed her to buy 27 digital cameras, backdrops, lighting and printers too.

“You can see the lightbulb. We’re wearing masks but I know they’re smiling underneath of it,” said Porter.

Porter said her eighth-grade photography class is now learning the camera basics, practicing different settings and taking their skills outside of the classroom.

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“Yesterday, a student did a backflip in the hallway, social distance, of course, and we were able to capture him in mid-air with a fast shutter speed. So, just watching their hidden talents come out while we’re using this equipment is such a beautiful site,” said Porter.

They’re learning about depth of field images, taking portraits and also some nature shots.

“When we first saw them we were stoked,” said Quamay Davenport.

Davenport is an eighth-grade photography student. He said he’s excited to learn as much as he can.

“You know, trying to find a passion for photography, see if I like it or not, see if I can go anywhere with it, see if it’s a passion of mine,” Davenport added.

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Porter said she hopes to inspire future photographers, graphic designers and animators.