By Annie Rose Ramos

ANNE ARUNDEL, Md. (WJZ) — BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport is on high alert, Friday, ahead of a rally planned for Saturday in Washington D.C.

The rally, Justice for J6, is planned in support of those charged in the January 6th attack at the Capitol, and police aren’t taking any chances.

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There are layers of barricades, fencing and security cameras, even canine units on patrol. Roughly 700 people are expected at Saturday’s rally.

It’s why officials are ramping up security at the Capitol but also at area airports, including BWI.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, a small number of online threats of violence have been made in connection to this rally.

So, they’ve put the airport in a state of high awareness or high alert.

This is the same thing we saw in the days following the January 6th capital riots, airports in our area including here at BWI adding more officers and more of a canine presence.

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The only difference is this time it’s before the event, all in anticipation of Saturday’s rally.

But travelers report seeing no difference at the airport.

“Everything was fine. We had no problems coming up route seventy to the airport and nothing unusual,” one traveler told WJZ.

The TSA said it’s boosting security and will be in position if tensions erupt.

But travelers say they’re confident history won’t repeat itself.

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“There’s no way it should be like it was in January. I don’t think it would be at all,” said one woman.

Annie Rose Ramos