By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The U.S. Capitol Police Chief says he is monitoring threats made online connected to the Justice for J6 rally. He has contacted the superintendent of the Maryland State Police for assistance with security for the event, which is being held at noon on Saturday.

“Everybody’s got the right to free speech. They can believe what they want to believe. I’m here to uphold the rule of law,” Chief Tom Manger said at a news conference Friday afternoon. He also said Capitol police “would be foolish not to take seriously the intelligence we have at our disposal.”

WJZ Investigator Mike Hellgren reports that Maryland State Police is providing specially trained troopers “who will assist with crowd control-related duties and remain on alert for any civil disturbances. In addition, the Maryland State Police remains in contact with law enforcement officials around the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, regarding any additional assistance that may be required.

There is already a visible police presence and fencing has gone up around the Capitol for the gathering to support those who rioted there on January 6th. That includes more than a dozen Marylanders charged in connection with the insurrection.

There will also be an increased security presence at area airports including BWI-Marshall Airport.

Here is the Transportation Security Administration’s statement to WJZ:

“TSA recognizes this as a period of high awareness, and we will be fully staffed. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners in the Capital Region to properly address our security posture for the weekend. I believe it is fair to say that travelers will notice increased law enforcement and canine presence along with a generally higher level of awareness in TSA’s intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to transportation security.”

A Department of Homeland Security intelligence bulletin said officials are aware of a “small number of recent online threats of violence” connected to the rally and found “online discussions encouraging violence the day before.”

According to that bulletin, social media users discussed storming the building Friday night. Other references to violence included using the rally “to target Jewish institutions, elected officials and liberal churches.”

On January 6th, Maryland played a pivotal role in rushing hundreds of state troopers and national guard members to the Capitol to assist in security efforts.