By Rachael Cardin

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As the cooler months approach, doctors are once again warning families to protect themselves from the flu.

“I don’t worry about flu season. I don’t get sick,” said Ali Farak of Towson.

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Johns Hopkins notes flu cases are usually on the rise starting in October and sometimes don’t dwindle off until May. Baltimore County resident Sarah Mumford said not only does she get the flu shot, but most of her family also does.

“Every year I get my flu shot. I have my children get theirs as well. I feel like it protects them,” said Mumford.

Sharon Green feels the same. She said both she and her mother get vaccinated.

“What I do to stay protected is a lot of fruit and vegetables and I get my shot the doctors will call you or email you and they tell you to come in and get your shot and I do,” said Green.

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For Jose Martinez, it’s also on his calendar.

“I’ll get my flu shot at the end of November,” Martinez said.

But not everyone is sold on needing the shot.

“Not too worried about flu season. I don’t get too sick and no ma’am I don’t want the flu shot,” said George Purnell of Baltimore.

“I just take meds. If I feel sick I take my meds but I don’t really get sick. I don’t get sick, to be honest,” said Farak.

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Doctors warn because last season’s flu cases were low, the year’s flu season will likely be worse. They cite research that shows oftentimes mild flu seasons are followed by more severe ones.

Rachael Cardin