By Marty Bass

HI Everyone!

  One of the questions I get this time of the year, yearly,  is about the fall colors. More to the point when do I think those colors will be their best. In my opinion, we are just now starting to see that color segue from Summers green to the fading green into the early sparkles of color. Granted a lot of this has to do with the type of tree itself but, again, in my opinion,  the peak if you will is later in October than earlier.

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   It seems that here in the Mid-Atlantic it is the week before Halloween when we are on the downside of the colors.

  With social media, many of us are already seeing pictures from places like Park City Utah where fall is in full swing, or posts from folks in New England where the same type of views are posted. Maybe that makes us impatient for the yearly show. Maybe that is why our bright colors seem so late in recent years.

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  Either way, I think in two weeks it is party on, so maybe plan for it then. A great indication is your own neighborhood.

  This weekend’s showers will certainly help things along. Remember we are not watching leaves grow but rather wither away on the vine if you will. And some rain helps that process out. Time will tell. Even before social media pictures it always has.

  T.G.I.F.! It is the truth!

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