By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Today will feature clearing skies, and more wind. Not the strong to extreme winds of yesterday but steady winds in the mid upper teens until later afternoon. Some gusts may top 20 to 25 mph during the day.

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Beyond dinner, wind leaves the forecast. But the sun will be returning today with a high of 70°. Yes the wind will temper that forecast high, as it did yesterday. But in the sun, even in the wind, weather life will not be too difficult. By noon we will be in the low 60’s, by 2 P.M. the mid 60’s, and in the 3 o’clock hour we should touch our daytime high of 70°.

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Averages now are 64° dayside, and 42° for the nightly low.

As high pressure moves in we see a calm day on the horizon tomorrow. But keep your eye on Friday as a potent mature Low, tapping a good amount of Gulf moisture, will bring someone in the mid-Atlantic soaking rains. A solid chance it could be us.

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Marty B!