By Marty Bass

Hi everyone,

As if Mother Nature did not get it right earlier in the week, she is going to potentially try again.

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I am talking about the Nor’easter a couple of days ago. Another deepening area of low pressure already moisture rich, and gathering more moisture from the Gulf of Mexico as we speak, is headed our way. Heavy rain at times is likely and we cannot rule out a thunderstorm or two. Already we have been put on notice that some flood advisories will go into effect Friday as the low moves through the Mid-Atlantic. The question is, will that low move toward the coast or transfer its energy to a forming coastal low?

All questions that will be asked as we move through this day. Notice I did not say answered. The storm may have to play out a bit for the final conclusion. Just get your rain gear out, again, and we’ll watch this unfold together.

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Nor’easters are not only a weather pain but a typing pain too. Writing out this script I used the word Nor’easter as little as possible because it is an exercise in the use of a little finger while typing. Between the “Nor” and ”easter” is an apostrophe. That keystroke requires a strong move with the right little finger. Type it enough and cramping ensues. Despite the danger from the storm, that is one more reason to not look forward to these weather events.

We’ll keep our eye on it for ya!

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