By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

  After a cold front passing by overnight gave us an hour or so of rain, we have dried out nicely. The sun has returned and we will have a fairly sunny afternoon with a forecast high of 69°. Not yesterday’s 75° at BWI-Marshall, but still behind a cold front in early November when we only drop back to essentially 70°, well that is a WIN! I think, not unlike yesterday,  that staying in the mid 60s on either side of the day’s high is a big deal. By the numbers, a totally mild afternoon.

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  Tomorrow we will still, with increasing clouds, have a high in the mid-60s. I think it is important to note here that our average daytime high has now fallen into the upper 50s. So even that drop to the mid-60s still has to be called, “remaining mild.” But then, behind Thursday night, and into Friday showers, the low 50s do loom on the end of the weekend horizon. And the low 50s remain the daytime highs well into next week. Hello Fall, again.

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  Along with the rain, as much as half an inch to an inch of rain at week’s end,  we will see very steady winds in the mid teens to the low 20 miles per hour range.

  Enjoy this day, and tomorrow for sure. As Bob Dylan did sing, “The times they are a changing.”

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