Five new endangered African penguin chicks joined the Maryland Zoo’s colony this Wednesday.

The news comes from their Twitter, as the zoo writes “Look alive, we’ve got another 5️⃣#endangered African penguin chicks that is! The chick count is currently at 8️⃣, but #penguin breeding season is far from over. We can’t wait to introduce you to more hatchlings soon!🐧

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These penguins are part of the annual breeding season that the zoo regularly facilitates.

According to their website, the zoo notes that African penguins have historically faced numerous threats contributing to their endangered status, such as oil spills and having to compete with fisheries for food.

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The Maryland Zoo has been working to save these penguins through its successful breeding program.

They currently manage the largest colony of endangered African penguins in North America and have hatched more than 1,000 African penguins.

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The breeding season is expected to run through February with more African penguins on the way.

CBS Baltimore Staff