BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ) — Shoppers are now flocking to stores to take back holiday gifts, but some are finding that returns are a little bit different this year.

This year, some retailers have adjusted their return policies because of anticipated shipping delays related to the disrupted supply chain. 

“Most stores are going to offer more generous return guidelines for holidays purchases because of the challenges that the consumer has had in terms of their purchases delivered on time,” said Octavio Blanco, a reporter for Consumer Reports. 

But for some Marylanders like Bethany Ebert, getting what you want after making a return is not easy right now. 

“I just walked right in and returned everything, the only thing that they’re doing is, they can’t reorder stuff for me so that’s kind of been the issue I’m like ‘oh I just want to switch a size,’ but nothing’s there,” Ebert said. 

Some shoppers bought gifts early to ensure that they were delivered on time, but that may be a problem for recipients who want to return those gifts. 

If you did your shopping early, good for you but make sure that you understand that you may not qualify for the extended shopping returns,” said Blanco. 

Consumer Reports recommends: 

  • Checking a retailer’s return policies ahead of time
  • Keeping the original packaging intact
  • Bringing an ID with you, because some stores check for return fraud
  • Bringing a gift receipt with you or you be stuck with the lowest price for your return 

Stetson Miller