By Chelsea Ingram

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As the First Alert Weather Team, it is our commitment to you, that when we know new weather information, you know as well.

With that said, we are continuing to monitor the potential for a nor’easter to impact the mid-Atlantic and Northeast late this week and into the weekend.

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Low pressure will be developing off the coast of the Carolinas and is expected to rapidly strengthen as it travels along the eastern seaboard and eventually into the Canadian Maritimes. Significant uncertainty remains regarding storm track, however the latest model runs are signaling the possibility of accumulating snowfall in central Maryland during the Friday-Saturday time frame.

For now, our confidence is high enough that we want to make you aware of the threat for a winter storm to impact central Maryland. The outcome of this weather event, of course, is highly dependent upon the track of the area of low pressure.

A track closer to the coast would result in higher totals, whereas a track farther out to sea would be more impactful for coastal areas rather than the Baltimore metro.

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Models even signal the potential for explosive strengthening of this storm where it could undergo bombogenesis as the pressure decreases at least 24 millibars within 24 hours. This would ultimately classify the storm as a ‘bomb cyclone.’ This will be a forecast to watch closely over the coming days.

It’s too early yet to issue a weather alert, and perhaps we will once we have more data and information to ingest.

For now, continue to check back for updates as there will be changes made and details added to the forecast, especially if this storm comes to fruition.

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