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Today was flat-out interesting. When we featured Salt Box Bae Juliet Ames on “Where’s Marty” a few weeks back, she told K-2 and I about Evan Woodard.

Woodard is a cyber-security specialist for the Baltimore Ravens, but while working remotely during the pandemic, he found a new hobby: treasure hunting for old relics buried beneath the city.

Baltimore dates back to before the American Revolution, so there is a trove of ceramic pottery, glass bottles and everything in between. They’re often found in the remains of privies, or outhouses.

Back then, every house needed a bathroom and a place to put waste. The trick is finding these privies. In one case, there is quite possibly a lost treasure of roughly $10,000 in gold coins. Legit!

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So far, Evan has donated about 60 pieces to the Baltimore Museum of Industry that the curator considers notable enough to one day go on display.

On air, we’re limited by time. But if you check out Woodard’s website, or his Instagram, it will open your eyes to what might be buried beneath your feet.

Speaking of which, he also explores the miles of tunnels under the city. MILES. So the next time you drive along a major road, imagine the 40-feet-wide and 30-feet-tall tunnel below you.

Cool stuff today, so be sure to check it out. Don’t forget to have a great weekend and be safe!

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