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We not only had a feel-good story today, but one that Baltimore can be so proud of. It was all about playgrounds, specifically reimagining playgrounds and making sure there are playgrounds within 5 minutes where possible of every child.

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This is a collaboration between Baltimore City and a group called KABOOM! I believe it is an extraordinary organization that has the best interest of our kinds in mind across the board. When you surf the group’s website, the first thing you see is “KABOOM! Announces Baltimore as Inaugural Partner in the National 25 in 5 Initiative to End Playspace Inequity.” Long story short, Baltimore’s work to modernize and increase play space caught their eye.

We were joined this morning by Jacia Smith, chief of staff of recreation and parks for Baltimore City, and Harriett Burch, who runs the Mary E. Rodman Rec Center on Mulberry Street in West Baltimore. Jacia works with groups like KABOOM! and then hands off to community leaders, such as Harriett, who manage the funding and ways to work with playground designers to craft just what the individual communities need. It’s an impressive program that will help our children now and for generations to come.

It’s just another way that we here in Baltimore will show the nation how it’s done.

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While you’re browsing, feel free to check out the website for the city’s recreation and parks department. You might be surprised at just how dynamic the agency is.

K-2 and I want to thank the city and the Rodman Rec Center for their hospitality and their hard work on behalf of our city’s children. As a little kid, one of my favorite books was “And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street.” And that is exactly what I thought while leaving and glancing back at the new playground. Perfect!

– Marty B!

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