BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s citizens are reacting to a scandal at the Baltimore Police Department.

The department recently had to fire its new chief of fiscal services because he is a “person of interest” in a homicide investigation, Police Chief Michael Harrison confirmed Wednesday.

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A spokesperson for the department confirmed the official’s identity as Dana Hayes and said he was hired on April 11.

Harrison clarified Hayes is not a suspect in the case and there was no warrant for his arrest. He was fired on Tuesday and interviewed by investigators on Wednesday, the commissioner said.

“The HR department did a background investigation,” Harrison said. “It was missed.”

Hayes is listed on the city’s gun offender registry, which tracks residents who’ve been convicted of at least one gun-related offense — a detail that was missed in a background check, Harrison said.

“We’re correcting that as we speak,” he said.

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Additionally, WJZ has learned that Hayes was arrested in 2018.

Hayes was added to the registry in 2019, according to the city’s Open Baltimore data portal. Hayes, 37, was arrested on multiple gun violations in 2018.

“If we’re letting these type of mistakes get through, then what type of message does that send,” Baltimore resident Regu Pathiangappan said.

Jack Gollick, who  is the grandson of a Baltimore police officer, expressed frustration over the department’s hiring process.

“It tarnishes his memory as a solid police officer and anything that takes away from my grandfather’s memory, I really have a problem with, Gollick said.

The mayor’s office issued a statement late Wednesday afternoon that said Scott had asked for a review of the department’s hiring practices.

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“Upon learning of a systems failure in the civilian hiring process at the Baltimore Police Department yesterday, Mayor Scott has directed Baltimore City Chief Human Capital Officer, Quinton Herbert, to perform a comprehensive review of BPD’s civilian hiring practices and submit recommendations to improve their policies and procedures,” the statement said. “Mayor Scott is committed to reforming HR practices throughout the City to ensure we hire only eligible and qualified candidates to fill these critical positions in city government.”

Annie Rose Ramos