BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A large police presence over a flipped car in the Port Covington neighborhood of South Baltimore stemmed from a botched carjacking, authorities said.

Chopper 13 captured multiple emergency response units surrounding the crashed car, which turned out to be an unmarked department vehicle. The incident occurred in the 2800 block of S. Hanover Street and involved a Baltimore police detective.

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The president of the local police union, Mike Mancuso, and the vice president of the union are aware of a police-involved shooting in South Baltimore where there is heavy police activity around the overturned car, according to a statement on the union’s Twitter account.

“Our Detective appears to be uninjured and the suspects are being sought,” the union said.

The local police union later noted that the detective fired upon his assailants during the carjacking.

His actions were “nothing short of heroic,” the union said.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison confirmed during a press conference that the detective was the target of a carjacking and had fired off some of the bullets in his weapon.

He was not injured during the incident, Harrison said.

Although the detective was not wearing a uniform, he was wearing a polo shirt embroidered with a police badge and other items indicating that he was a police officer, Harrison said.

It is unknown at this time if anyone was injured by gunfire that was discharged, he said. Harrison said there were three suspects.

Two are in custody and those two suspects are uninjured, Harrison said.

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The suspects appear to be young, according to authorities.

The search for a third suspect continued on Tuesday evening.

Police said it was unknown if the suspect was injured or armed.

Mayor Brandon Scott expressed dismay that people were so brazen that they would

“This is not just about the police . . . This is about a high level of accountability,” Scott said.

It is unclear if the detective was inside or outside of his vehicle at the time of the carjacking.

The Special Investigation Response Team is investigating the incident, according to authorities.



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