BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland State Police is joining agencies across the country in a national campaign aimed at keeping first responders safe.

The initiative is meant to raise awareness about the “move over” law.

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This comes as an expansion to the state’s law, which will soon be in place this fall.

“With people flying by at 55, 60, 70,80 miles an hour—not ideal circumstances for anybody, let alone first responders,” Maryland State Police spokesperson Ron Snyder said.

Every day, thousands of law enforcement officers and first responders put their lives at risk as they take to the streets to help keep their communities safe, Snyder said.

“It just highlights just how dangerous the job is,” he said.

The “move over” law has been in effect in Maryland since 2010. Still, law enforcement officers and other first responders are still killed every year by drivers who don’t obey the law.

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“That’s why these laws are in effect to ensure the safety of those that are out there protecting you on a daily basis,” Snyder said.

Starting October 1, the state’s “move over” law will be expanded to cover all stopped cars, not just first responders.

That means drivers will be required to change lanes or slow down when approaching any stopped vehicle displaying caution signals or warning lights.

The goal is to protect all road users who face dangers on the side of the road every day.

The big thing we tell people is simply to pay attention, Snyder said.

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“Don’t drive impaired,” he said. “Don’t drive distracted. Don’t be speeding aggressively. Just follow those simple basic steps and—if we all follow—we’re going to keep everyone safe.”