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Harford County has done something pretty cool. It’s called the Quilt Trail. We first heard about it while visiting Broom’s Bloom Dairy in Bel Air back in March. I noticed a large painting on the gable of their main barn that looked like a quilt, and go figure, it’s part of the trail.

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On Monday, I learned that there are 25 of these barn quilts in Harford County, which make up an entire trail of sorts. Most of them are displayed on farms, but some of them can be found at community centers and historic buildings — heck, there’s even a quilt on display at a brewery.

You can learn more about the Harford County Barn Quilt Trail through Visit Harford, the local tourism bureau. But just in case you don’t want to go searching around, here’s a direct link to the quilt’s page.

There also is an app you can download to follow the quilts across the country. One quilt can be found at a farm selling produce, and another at a farm specializing in eggs or meats. If you look at it this way, by following the “Quilt Trail,” you are essentially traipsing through a large-scale farmers market.

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Really, the trail is just a way to get the family out of the house and enjoy some scenic countrywide views.

We also learned about the quilts during Monday’s adventure. Take the one we found at Boxwood Farms, for instance. This one was designed by Jo-Ann Chason, who was inspired by the daisy, the first flower she planted as a child. On the farmers market side, she and her partner grow produce and raise chickens.

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