By CBS Baltimore Staff

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Residents of McElderry Park in East Baltimore are still reeling after a mass shooting injured four in their community Tuesday. Community members held a rally Wednesday night to support those impacted by the violence.

“We just see the change over the years, you know,” Frances Dickens of McElderry Park said. “It’s getting worse instead of better.”

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Frances Dickens has lived in McElderry Park for 39 years, and she’s heartbroken over the mass shooting that happened on North Rose Street Tuesday. It happened a block from her home.

“We, as people of color, you know, we just keep killing each other and it the young people,” Dickens said. “Where is our future going to be? They’re our future. We’re not going to have a future because the young people they’re killing off each other.”

WJZ has been investigating why certain areas of the city are more prone to violence than others.

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Researchers with the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Solutions say the violence is concentrated in neighborhoods that have experienced economic issues and had issues with racism in the past.

The researchers said policing isn’t going to stop the violence. The communities impacted need to be invested in.

There is a community effort to stop the violence in McElderry Park. An organization called the Tendea Family held a rally in the community to provide support to those impacted by the violence.

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“We don’t want the quadruple shooting to make the community lose hope that things can change because there is people on the ground every day, not just trying to make a change, but actually making a change,” Tendea Family Chairman Elijah Miles said.

CBS Baltimore Staff