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On “Where’s Marty?” this morning, K2 and I went out to Hunt Valley, the home of System Source, an IT business that does a lot of heavy lifting for many employers both big and small.

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The company’s office space is rather large and houses the System Source Computer Museum, a vast and impressive collection of computers and electronics from over the past few decades.

Believe it or not, the museum is home to 10th motherboard that Steve Jobs (yes, that Steve Jobs) made in his bedroom. Fun fact: Jobs stored these motherboards in pizza boxes.

This motherboard could be placed in a briefcase, which could plug into a monitor. In other words, you’re looking at one of the first iterations of a laptop computer.

There are plenty of other historic items on display at the museum, and they’re all in relatively pristine condition.

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If this is the sort of thing that interests you, I highly recommend setting up a tour, which can be arranged on an appointment-only basis.

At any rate, the world of computer collectables is big and not at all cheap. Original instruction manuals, for instance, often sell for tens of thousands of dollars to the highest bidders.

As always, go ahead and check out System Source’s website. It’s absolutely worth browsing around.

– Marty B!

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