Dulles Facial Recognition Tech Nabs 3 Impostors In 40 DaysIn one case a woman presented a U.S. passport, but the facial recognition technology reported a mismatch. A secondary inspection identified her as a 26-year-old citizen of Cameroon.
Baltimore Named 63rd Most Fun City in AmericaWhat makes a city "fun"? Some people like going to amusement parks, bar crawls, or playing sports. While others prefer fine-dining, playing games, or going to the movies.
More Flights Canceled As Florence Pummels CarolinasAbout 1,100 flights scheduled for Friday and Saturday have been canceled as a result of Hurricane Florence, according to the flight tracking site That's in addition to more than 600 cancellations Thursday.
Instead Of The Boarding Pass, Bring Your Smile To The AirportLeave your boarding pass in your bag and smile.
Study: Airport Security Bins FilthyYou may want to pack hand sanitizer next time you fly.
The Best Islands In AmericaThe coasts of America are dotted with too many magnificent islands to count, let alone summarize on a Top 12 list.
Florida's Toxic Algae Problem And Your Health: 'Red Tide' And 'Green Slime'Respiratory symptoms have been reported in a number of Gulf Coast counties, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
Southwest: Only Cats And Dogs Allowed As Emotional Support AnimalsPassengers will be allowed to bring only cats and dogs on board as emotional support animals beginning in September, and only one per customer. The animals must be on a leash or in a carrier at all times.
Toxic Algae Bloom In Florida Is Killing Marine Life; Causing Breathing Issues In Humans A toxic red tide has been plaguing Florida's gulf coast for nine months, and shows no signs of giving up.
Odor Diverts Spirit Airlines Flight To South CarolinaUp to 10 people received medical help after a Spirit Airlines flight from New York to Florida was diverted to South Carolina after a chemical odor was noticed on board.
'Quiet Skies': TSA Program Tracks Unsuspecting PassengersIn a previously undisclosed Transportation Security Administration program, federal air marshals are tracking American citizens not suspected of a crime, not under investigation or who are not on any terrorist watch list
New 3-D Scanners Spot Explosives Older Machines Could Miss, TSA SaysThe Transportation Security Administration is launching new technology that could change the way bags are scanned at airports across the country, including at BWI.