By Sara Blumberg

Are you the bridesmaid in charge of helping plan a friend’s bachelorette party? Is Halloween coming up and you want to go on a night on the town? One way to make the planning easier is through the help of renting a “Party Bus.” Besides not having to worry about driving, renting a bus creates a more exciting atmosphere for you and your friends on your next big outing. From comfy seating to neon lights, check out some of these rental services when planning your next party.

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The KegBus

Phone: 202-558-0270

For those interested in a party that connects Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, check out The KegBus. The business started in 2000 when four friends in the D.C. area wanted a way to get to events in a safe and cheap fashion. From this simple thought, the boys pulled their money together and bought their first vehicle – a 1988 school bus. Since then the company has expanded into nearly a dozen party bus rentals.  The best thing about Kegbus is it will take you and pick you up anywhere during your rental time. From nights out in D.C., up into Baltimore, the Kegbus fleet is willing to work with you on where you want to go.

Buses at Kegbus come in a variety of sizes to include parties of 28 to 40. Each vehicle is decked out with comfy seating, cooler space for drinks and even a bathroom.  Quotes are based on the number of people and amount of time needed for your event.

Insider tip: Take advantage of Kegbus’s party packages, they’ll get you free admission with the company’s partner bars to many different clubs and locations. They also provide recommendations on where to go while enjoying the evening.

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Paradise Bus Charters

Reservations: 571-484-8829

Paradise Bus Charters offers transportation for patrons looking to have a great night on the town, whether you are in the Baltimore area or traveling to Washington, D.C. or Northern Virginia.

Book your night out early to insure the best rate possibly; a suggested lead-time of three to four weeks is preferred. Keep in mind the minimum amount of time for the bus is five hours. Prices can range from $900 for a party of 12 up to $1,100 for a party of 20 or more. Special events like bachelorette parties, proms and weddings are priced out separately.  The fleet includes everything from 12-passenger van to 50 passenger buses. You are allowed to bring your own alcohol onto any of the vehicle with things like cups, napkins and trash bags provided by the company.

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Boomerang Party Bus, Inc.

Phone: 202-725-6226

Another Washington, D.C and Baltimore hybrid, the Boomerang Party Bus can fit up to 38 people into their imaginative party buses. The party starts the second you get on the bus and doesn’t end until you’ve had your fill of bar, nightclubs and dance parties on the bus itself!

Originally started in D.C., Boomerang Party Bus recently opened up tours and rentals in the Baltimore area. The buses all include comfy seating, hardwood dance floors, surround sound and dancing poles. Note that in the summer, there is no air-conditioning on the vehicle so plan accordingly.  

If your group doesn’t want to rent a whole bus you can join others and take advantage of the Boomerang Party tours. These tours, which range in price from $25-$35, pick up patrons from all over the city and take them on an organized bar crawl throughout Baltimore.

Sara Blumberg is a fulltime writer and blogger living in Baltimore City.