• PHOTOS: Sully H.W. BushPhotos of George H.W. Bush's service dog Sully.
  1. Eric j says:

    nikki is a smelly packers fan. Remember what city you live in woman.

    1. Jackie says:

      When the Ravens aren’t playing you cheer for whoever is playing the Steelers.

      1. Chrissy Mad Anderson says:

        True story. Better a PACKERS fan than a Squeelers fan, any day.

  2. Brad Paulsen says:

    hey you should put this pn tv!! please

  3. Zenith says:

    Hello! Donald & Carlotta
    Nice picture
    Z your neighbor

  4. Paula says:

    On 1-26-11 we were heading home on I-70 Eastbound. Passed at least 12 plows on the westbound side of 70 with plenty of traffic behind them. We nver encountered a plow until we reached RT 32 where 6 plows were sitting making no attempt to move any snow. From RT 32 to the end of I 70 we never saw another plow nor had any plow been traveling eastbound. We were down to a single lane on a major interstate. I realize it is important to get the traffic out of the city but what about those who have to travel into the city that need to get home.?

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