Federal Appeals Court To Rehear Baltimore City Aerial Surveillance CaseA federal appeals court on Tuesday agreed to reconsider its decision to uphold a judge's ruling allowing Baltimore police to carry out an aerial surveillance pilot program.
ACLU Of Maryland Files Lawsuit Against Baltimore Police Over Private Plane Surveillance ProgramThe ACLU argues in the lawsuit the surveillance system could present a threat to citizen's individual rights to privacy, under the First and Fourth Amendment.
Coronavirus Latest: ACLU Files Complaint Against Baltimore Immigration Judge Denying Hearing, Trial PostponementsThey are claiming that one immigrant was ordered to be deported by Judge Crosland, because the man had failed to attend his hearing due to "fear of COVID-19,"
NAACP, ACLU Argue Against State Request For School Funding Case To Be Thrown OutFew areas of concern are generating more attention and more debate in Maryland than the cost of public education.
ACLU: Harlem Park Residents Sue Baltimore Police Over Multi-Day Lockdown After Sean Suiter's DeathThe ACLU announced Monday that West Baltimore residents are suing Baltimore police and former Commissioner Kevin Davis, over the "drastic" multi-day lockdown in the investigation following the death of Detective Sean Suiter.
Lawsuit Says Federal Officers Used Immigration Marriage Interviews As A TrapA federal judge in Maryland has said immigration officers can't use marriage interviews as a "honeypot" to trap and deport people who are living in the country illegally.
ACLU Calls Surveillance Plane Over Baltimore 'A Privacy Nightmare'The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said Wednesday that a surveillance plane over Baltimore would be, "a privacy nightmare come to life." 
Baltimore Police Commissioner Has ‘No Plans’ To Bring Back Surveillance PlaneBaltimore’s police commissioner will not support flying a surveillance plane over the city again.
Lawsuit Accuses Frederick County Sheriff Of Racial ProfilingThe lawsuit alleges that the sheriff's office's practices have made people in the community uncomfortable making a report when they are a victim of a crime and reluctant to file formal complaints against the sheriff.
Advocacy Groups Want To Reopen Landmark School Funding CaseTwo civil rights organizations are petitioning to reopen a landmark case in an effort to force the state of Maryland to increase funding for Baltimore city public schools.
ACLU Criticizes Bill To Expand Maryland's Cyberbullying LawLegislation that would expand Maryland's law against cyberbullying youth has drawn criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union.