Drinking 2 Or More Diet Beverages A Day Linked To High Risk Of Stroke, Heart AttacksPrevious research has shown a link between diet beverages and stroke, dementia, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome, which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.
Baltimore 'Heart Ball' Set To Raise Awareness For Heart DiseaseFebruary is American Heart Month, and the American Heart Association is fighting to reduce death caused by heart disease and stroke.
New Cholesterol Guidelines Offer A More Personalized Approach
Teen Saves Brother Thanks To CPR Training In Md. SchoolsHealthbridge Health has committed to providing a hundred of CPR kits to schools that are unable to afford them.
UM Medical System, AHA Bring Awareness To Heart Month With 'Little Hats Big Hearts' CampaignThe American Heart Association and the University of Maryland Medical System teamed up to provide resources to families with babies born with heart conditions, and present little red hats to newborns to show they take heart health to heart.
Regular Exercise Can Take Away 'Years Of Damage' From Laziness, Doing Nothing: StudyA new study has revealed that the statement 'it's never too late to get in shape' actually does hold water after all. 
Volunteers Needed To Help Make Special Hats For NewbornsThe American Heart Association is calling on knitting and crocheting enthusiasts to put their skills towards a good cause.
Coconut Oil May Not Be Any Healthier Than Butter, Beef Fat, Heart Assoc. SaysAlthough coconut oil is marketed as a healthier cooking oil option, that may not be true, according to the American Heart Association.
Diet Soda Linked To Higher Risk Of Dementia, Stroke, Study SaysFor decades, those not wanting to consume calories along with their carbonated beverages have been able to turn to diet soda, instead.
Almost Half of Heart Attacks Are Silent; They're Still RiskyA new study found almost half of all heart attacks cause no obvious symptoms, yet they can still be life-threatening.
Food Truck Rallies In Little Italy Accused Of Taking Business From Local RestaurantsFood truck fight. Some neighbors in Little Italy say they're not fond of the food truck rallies happening in their backyard.