ASK A DOC: How To Prioritize Your Mental Health This WinterMonitoring your emotions and knowing when to reach out for help is important for your mental health. Dr. Drew Pate talks to us about coping with depression, anxiety and the winter blues.
Young People's Anxiety Levels Nearly Doubled During First COVID-19 Lockdown, Study SaysThe study, released Tuesday, found that the number of people with anxiety jumped from 13% to 24% in young people between the ages of 27 and 29, and that number was higher than their parents.
Expanding On Psilocybin Research, John Hopkins Hoping To Hear From More UsersResearchers at Johns Hopkins University have been studying the hallucinogenic drug psilocybin to see if it can help with depression, anxiety, addiction and other conditions.
Depression, Anxiety During And After Pregnancy May Harm Childhood Development, Study FindsA mother's depression and anxiety from conception through the first year of the baby's life is associated with negative developmental outcomes through adolescence, study finds.
Acute Anxiety: Internet Searches For Key Words Spiked To All-Time High Early In COVID-19 PandemicAs the coronavirus pandemic gained traction in the United States, internet searches for key words related to panic attacks and acute anxiety spiked.
'Embrace The Uncertainty': Maryland Doctor Recommends Finding The Positive Amid Coronavirus PandemicLocal doctors say the number of people suffering from anxiety and mental health issues remains high amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Anti-Anxiety Medication, Sleep Aid Use Spike Amid Coronavirus PandemicRecent data shows anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids have spiked during the coronavirus pandemic.
Babies With Severe Sleep Problems May Have More Childhood Anxiety, Research SuggestsInfants with very disturbed sleep patterns could be at greater risk for anxiety and emotional issues in later childhood, new research suggests.
One Dose Of 'Magic Mushroom' Drug Reduces Anxiety And Depression In Cancer Patients, Study SaysA single dose of psilocybin, a compound found in "magic mushrooms," provides long-term relief of anxiety and depression in cancer patients, a new study finds.
Sunday Sadness Is Real, Here's How To Battle The Pre-Work Week BluesNearly two-thirds reported a restless night's sleep Sunday night, which they attributed to job-related anxiety.
A Mission To Mars Could Cause Learning Impairment And Anxiety, Study SaysOn a long-term spaceflight mission to Mars, astronauts will be continuously exposed to low-dose radiation in deep space.