Assateague Island Filly Dies, Park Service Completes Wild Horse CensusThere are 75 wild horses on Assateague Island, according to the most recent population census by the Maryland Park Service.
NASA Rocket Launch From Virginia Will Be Visible Along The East Coast SaturdayNASA TV will livestream the launch starting at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.
Maryland Teen Adopts Entire Herd Of Assateague PoniesA 14-year-old Maryland girl has adopted all 75 ponies from the Maryland herd of Assateague Island ponies.
Moon Jellyfish Spotted Near Assateague IslandMoon jellyfish were spotted in Sinepuxent Bay near Assateague Island.
Horse Struck, Killed On Assateague Island By Park EmployeeA horse was struck and killed on Assateague Island early Sunday. 
Photo: White-Tailed Bucks Cross Waters Near Assateague IslandThe Chincoteague ponies aren't the only animals that swim between Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.
Wild Horses On Assateague Island Instinctively Head To Higher Ground Ahead Of Hurricane Dorian's ArrivalThe wild horses that spend their days roaming around Assateague Island could soon face the potential effects of Hurricane Dorian. 
What Are These Odd, Clear Blobs In Maryland Waters?If you've found circular, jellyfish-like creatures in the water off Assateague Island -- they are actually not jellyfish. They are called salps.
New Foal Born On Assateague Island, Officials Warn Visitors To Stay At A DistanceA new foal was born on Assateague Island Friday.
76 Horses Roaming Assateague Island, National Park Service Population Census FindsThe National Park Service completed its May 2019 population census of wild horses on Assateague Island.
Wild Ponies Corralled After Visitors Ignore WarningsWild ponies living on Virginia's Eastern Shore have been corralled because visitors ignored warnings against approaching the animals.