Weather Blog: Record High; Humid And Very HotA very hot and humid afternoon as we reached a high of 95 after 3 p.m. We had a heat index that topped out at 104 degrees as well, making it even more uncomfortable.
Weather Blog: Reached 91 DegreesWith lots of clouds today, we still managed to reach 91 degrees.
Weather Blog: Warm, Humid DayA warm and moderately humid day as our high reached 92 and our heat index topped out at 95.
Weather Blog: Pleasant June DayAnother dry and pleasant June day, with lots of sun and very comfortable conditions.
Weather Blog: Warm, Humid DayA warm and more humid day all across the region, which will likely produce some showers overnight.
Weather Blog: Nice Start To SummerA nice start to summer with sun then some later afternoon typical showers and some thundershowers.
Weather Blog: Near Perfect Day On Last Day Of SpringA last day of spring with warm temperatures but low dew points and dry air made for a near perfect day!
Weather Blog: Ending With Clear SkiesAfter a cloudy start, we broke into some sunshine later in the day, and now have clear skies.
Weather Blog: Sunny End To The WeekendA warm and sunny end to our weekend! Temperatures made it into the mid eighties!
Weather Blog: Perfect SaturdayA perfect Saturday all across the region, with abundant sunshine and seasonal temperatures!
Weather Blog: Perfect DayJust a perfect day in every way!
Weather Blog: Sunny And Dry WednesdayMost of this Wednesday across our region was rather sunny and dry.
Weather Blog: Below Normal TempsA decent afternoon on this Wednesday, that featured still below normal temperatures, but we did manage to get some sun earlier in the day!
Snow Moves Out, Cold And Windy Weather RemainsYesterday's winter weather seems to have moved out of our area, but wind is staying strong here in Maryland.
WEATHER BLOG: Cold FridayClouds have moved overhead and some light precipitation is developing.