Baby Whose Mother Chose Giving Birth Over Chemo Has DiedThe baby born of a woman who chose to forgo chemotherapy to give birth to the child has died, a relative said Thursday.
Hogan Reaches Major Milestone In His Fight Against CancerGov. Larry Hogan reaches a major milestone in his fight against non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Hogan Begins Third Round Of ChemoGovernor Larry Hogan is set to begin his third round of chemotherapy.
Bald Is Beautiful: Larry Hogan Sports New Look Post-ChemoThere is "another white dome in Annapolis." While keeping his sense of humor, Governor Larry Hogan is sporting a new look following two rounds of chemotherapy.
Hogan 'Still Feeling Strong' After 2nd Round Of ChemotherapyMaryland Gov. Larry Hogan says he is "still feeling strong" after his second five-day round of chemotherapy.
Hogan Thanks Maryland, Updates Progress On Latest Cancer TreatmentGovernor Larry Hogan is well into his second round of chemotherapy and today he gave an update on his fight against cancer.
Gov. Hogan Prepares For 2nd Round Of ChemotherapyGovernor Hogan prepares for his second round of chemotherapy this weekend. The governor announced last month he has stage III non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Study Shows Breast Cancer Survivors Gain More Weight Than Cancer-Free WomenA new study out of Johns Hopkins finds breast cancer survivors are gaining more weight than women who are cancer free.
Gov. Hogan Makes First Public Appearance Since ChemotherapyMaryland Gov. Larry Hogan has made his first public appearance since finishing his opening round of chemotherapy last week.
Md. Gov. Hogan Out Of Hospital After First Round Of ChemoMaryland Gov. Larry Hogan is out of the hospital and back at work after his first round of chemotherapy for an aggressive form of cancer.
Governor Hogan Finishing Up First Round Of ChemoGovernor Larry Hogan is wrapping up his first round of chemotherapy on a positive note: with a lot of positive energy coming from outside the hospital.