As Rockfish Population Declines, Maryland Faces Pressure To Take Action On OverfishingCommercial watermen use gill nets to catch rockfish or striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay, while recreational fishermen use rods, reels, and hooks. 
New Farm Bill Will Fund Initiatives To Keep Chesapeake Bay HealthyIt's not always obvious, but the Chesapeake Bay's health is linked to farming.
Relief Effort Sees Oysters Thriving In Chesapeake Bay After Freshwater ThreatBetween the Key Bridge and Fort Carroll Island, there is a man-made oyster reef that was laid down in 2017 by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
Eat At Chipotle To Help Save The Chesapeake BayChipotle has teamed up with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for a fundraiser for the bay on Thursday.
Growth Of Underwater Grass Shows Bay's Health Is ImprovingThe Chesapeake Bay's health is improving, as a record amount of underwater grasses are being reported.
Results Of Oyster Restoration Efforts In Chesapeake Tributaries Seem PromisingOysters may seem like simple creatures, but there's nothing simple about restoring them to the bay.
Trump's Reversal Of Clean Energy Rules Could Hurt The Chesapeake BayPresident Donald Trump's reversal of some of the clean air rules imposed by the Obama administration marks a rejection of climate change science.
President's Budget Poses Concerns About Future Of Chesapeake BaySome major cuts being proposed by President Trump could have a huge impact in Maryland.
Chesapeake Bay Still Working Toward Improvement After Latest 'Health Checkup' Every two years the Chesapeake Bay Foundation gives the bay a check-up. The latest results rate the bay's health index at 34, or a C -.
Oyster Gardens Coming To Baltimore's Inner HarborIt may not seem like the best place to grow a garden, but it turns out Baltimore’s Inner Harbor works for oysters.
Study: Sewage Polluting Maryland Waterways With Harmful BacteriaA new study reveals that harmful bacteria is being carried in some Maryland's streams and waterways, enough in some cases to make people sick.