Students Return Back To Classrooms Despite Rise In Covid-19 Cases Among ChildrenIn Maryland, data shows the number of COVID-19 cases among children has been steadily rising since July. Even as COVID-19 cases surge, students are returning back to the classrooms for in-person learning.
Wingardium Leviosa! Elkton Teacher Transforms Classroom Into Hogwarts CastleA teacher at Elkton High School spent the month leading up to the start of school transforming her classroom to set it apart from the long hallways filled with lockers and posters you typically see in school.
Report: More Than Half Md. Toddlers Not Enrolled In Publicly Funded Pre-KEducation disparity. There's a great need for access to high quality preschool in the U.S.
University Of Md. Turning City Of Frederick Into Big ClassroomThe University of Maryland is launching a sustainability program that will turn the city of Frederick into a giant classroom.
Ancient Art? Teachers Nationwide Fight To Keep Cursive In ClassroomIn the nation's fast-paced, technology-driven classrooms, one old-fashioned skill may be going by the wayside. Cursive writing was dropped when scores of schools adopted new federal guidelines this year.
UMES To Add Bulletproof Whiteboards As Campus Safety MeasureTeachers at one Eastern Shore university will soon be armed with protection thanks to a new device designed by a Maryland company.
The Wish List DepotTeachers spend thousands of dollars of their own money buying supplies for their classrooms every year. Now many of can get the most needed items for free. Follow the link for more information.
Maryland Students Head Back To ClassThousands of students across the state packed their backpacks and headed off for the first day of school Monday. Some city students started the year off in a new building, while Baltimore County school leaders are trying to relieve overcrowding.
7th-Grader Beaten In Baltimore Classroom; Incident Latest In String Of School ViolenceOn edge. There is growing concern over school violence after a seventh-grader was beaten inside her classroom.
Delaware Secretary Of Education Named Next Maryland State SuperintendentThe Maryland State Board of Education announced Dr. Lillian M. Lowery, Secretary of Education for the Delaware Department of Education, has been selected the State’s next State Superintendent of Schools.
After 4 Months Of Repairs, Lady Maryland Returns To The WaterIf you were in Fells Point Tuesday morning you had a chance to see a little bit of history. The Lady Maryland, the flagship of Living Classrooms, returned to the water.