Scientists: Droughts, Flooding Across US To Become More Extreme
Concern Over Rising Sea Levels In Chesapeake BayCould parts of Maryland be underwater in the next few years? Some scientists warn the state is one of the most vulnerable to climate change, with sea levels rising rapidly, especially in the Chesapeake Bay.
Pope Urges Revolution To Save Earth, Fix 'Perverse' EconomyClimate change controversy. Pope Francis unveils his highly anticipated plan to battle it.
White House Says 16 Cities Leading U.S. On ClimateThe White House is singling out Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and 13 other cities for leading their peers in efforts to address climate change.
Climate Experts Predict El Niño In Md. Could Bring Another Harsh WinterIt's looking more likely El Niño is coming.
Md. Shorelines Could Make State More Vulnerable To Global WarmingRecord hot summers, extreme snowy winters, massive storms-- you can blame them all on climate change, according to a new scientific report released by the White House on Tuesday.
Obama Signs Order On Response To Climate ChangeA year after Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast, President Barack Obama signed an executive order Friday to make it easier for states and local governments to respond to weather disasters.
WEATHER BLOG: Ushering In Cooler AirClimate normals for BWI-Marshall on Monday are 78F for the max and 58F for the min.
Study: Climate Change Could Affect D.C. Water SupplyA new study finds climate change could cut stream flows in the Potomac River basin, a major source of drinking water in the Washington region.
Climate Change Brings With It Earlier SpringThe calendar may say the first day of spring, but science is finding otherwise.
U-Md. Mapping Tree DNA In Climate-Change StudyThe University of Maryland is seeking volunteers for a coast-to-coast study of trees and climate change.