Here's What Could Lie Ahead For The US In The Third Year Of The PandemicIf living in a Covid world has taught us anything, it's that the coronavirus can surprise even the smartest public health experts, and the world certainly isn't out of the woods yet.
Baltimore City Public Schools Announces COVID Policy Changes As Dozens Of Schools Remain In Virtual InstructionBaltimore City Public Schools reduced its quarantine time to five days for students and staff as dozens of schools remain in temporary virtual instruction.
Free Testing Kits Distributed Around Baltimore CountyWith many battling COVID-19 in and around Baltimore County, officials are scrambling to provide free at-home COVID-19 testing kits to residents.
State Of Emergency: Maryland National Guard Prepares To Open New Testing Sites As Coronavirus Cases SkyrocketLearning how to administer tests the right way is critical, as these guard members will be doing so thousands of times in the coming weeks. 
More Maryland Hospitals Declare Disasters As COVID-19 Surge Brings Unprecedented PressureThe state is now reporting a record-shattering 3,057 COVID-19 hospitalizations.
Officials Paint Bleak Picture Of How COVID-19 Surge Could Shape WinterResidents are gearing up -- some gearing down -- for a treacherous holiday season. 
Maryland School Districts Wrestle COVID-19 Protocols As Infection Rate SoarsA new surge in COVID-19 cases is causing school districts across the state to make some tough decisions as the Omicron variant takes its effect on Maryland's schools.
Maryland Pushes Boosters As Pfizer Says They’re Effective Protection Against Omicron; State Has Not Released New Case Data Due To CyberattackMore than 26,773 Marylanders have received their booster shots in the past 24 hours alone.
Hogan: Concern But No Need For Lockdowns In Maryland Over Dangerous Omicron Covid VariantThe Omicron variant — first discovered in South Africa — has 50 mutations, alarming health officials worldwide.
Why WHO Skipped Two Letters Of The Greek Alphabet In Naming OmicronAfter a new variant with the unwieldy scientific name of B.1.1.529 was discovered last week in South Africa, observers might have expected WHO to name it after the next Greek letter on the list: Nu.
To Avoid Covid, Here Are Four Questions To Ask Family And Friends Ahead Of Thanksgiving GatheringsIf you have concerns, experts say there are some important questions to ask to help weigh your risk.