Police Continue Efforts To Keep Calm In the City As 3rd Night Of Curfew AheadBaltimore is still under a state of emergency days after violence erupts in the city.
Streets Clear For 2nd Night Of CurfewMultiple police agencies and the National Guard are stationed around Baltimore to help keep order and enforce the city-wide curfew.
Curfew Is Affecting Baltimore BusinessesThe curfew and fears of more violence are taking its toll on businesses across the region.
Baltimore Streets Once Rocked By Riots Quiet Under Curfew Baltimore streets previously rocked by riots were quiet Wednesday morning at the lifting of a nighttime curfew that was enforced by 3,000 police and National Guardsmen.
Obama: Police Must Hold Officers Accountable For WrongdoingPresident Barack Obama said the Baltimore riots show that police departments need to hold officers accountable for wrongdoing "instead of just the closing-ranks approach that all too often we see."
Details Of Baltimore Emergency CurfewThe mayor has instituted a city-wide curfew that will go into effect Tuesday night, starting at 10 p.m.
10 Most Read News Stories In Baltimore In 2014It's been an interesting year in Baltimore, with some local stories taking the national spotlight, especially with local athletes.
Western Maryland City Toughens Teen CurfewThe western Maryland city of Hagerstown is enacting a tougher juvenile curfew that makes parents subject to fines.
Hagerstown Eyes Tougher Juvenile Curfew The city of Hagerstown is considering a tougher juvenile curfew amid complaints from residents about kids committing crimes.
Results Are In For 1st Month Of New Youth Curfew In Baltimore CityThe results are in for the first month of the new youth curfew in Baltimore supporters say it's good news, but others say the information is too vague.
City Leaders: Baltimore Youth Curfew Already WorkingIt's been one week since Baltimore launched one of the strictest youth curfews in the nation. City leaders say it's already working to get children off the streets.