Put Down That Batter: Uncooked Flour May Have E. coliSalmonella from raw eggs is no longer the only concern in baking.
E. Coli Bacteria Found In Drinking Water At US OpenHealth officials say E. coli bacteria have been found in a drinking water station at Erin Hills golf course where the U.S. Open is underway, but there have been no reports of illness.
FDA Warns Against Eating Raw Dough Amid E. Coli FearsFederal regulators said this week that people should not eat raw dough or batter of any kind.
FDA Warns Against Eating Raw Dough Amid E. Coli Fears In a warning that's sure to disappoint many who enjoy sneaking a taste of cookie dough, the federal Food and Drug Administration says people shouldn't eat raw dough or batter of any kind due to an ongoing outbreak of illnesses related to a strain of E. coli bacteria found in some batches of flour.
Report: 1st U.S. Case of Germ Resistant to Last Resort DrugFor the first time, a U.S. patient has been infected with bacteria resistant to an antibiotic used as a last resort treatment.
Niagara Bottled Water Recalled In Multiple Md. StoresNiagara Bottling, LLC is issuing a recall for bottle water products that were produced at either the Hamburg or Allentown, Penn. facilities from June 10-18.
Baltimore Student Earns Rhodes ScholarshipIt's among the most prestigious scholarships in the world and it's going to a student right here in Baltimore.
Md. Prison's Water Found Safe After Taint ScareThe Maryland Environmental Service says tap water at a state prison on the Eastern Shore is safe to drink after the discovery of coliform bacteria in the water supply earlier this month.
Research: Bacteria Can Live On Airplane Surfaces For A Week+Before you take your next flight, you may want to take along a little extra hand sanitizer. New research shows bacteria can hang around on airplane surfaces for more than a week.
Tainted Pizza Recalled At More Than A Dozen Harford Co. SchoolsHarford County public schools have told parents that food served in the cafeterias of more than a dozen schools was recalled because of possible E. coli contamination.
Wegmans Recalls Packaged Salad Due To E. Coli FearWegmans is recalling its Organic Spinach and Spring Mix salads because it may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria.