A Healthy Lifestyle Can Help You Live Longer Even If You Have Chronic Conditions, Study SuggestsExercise, a healthy diet and not smoking or drinking can help you live years longer even if you're struggling with other chronic medical conditions, according to a new study.
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Here's How You Can Work Out Virtually With The RavensYou can train alongside the team thanks to a new partnership with Under Armour. 
Doctors Warn High-Intensity Exercise During COVID-19 Pandemic Could Come With Heart RisksLifebridge Health Director of Sports Cardiology Dr. Sunal Makadia says the virus affects the heart in different ways and different levels than other viruses.
Too Much Sitting Raises Your Risk For Cancer, Study FindsToo much sitting can raise your risk for cancer, according to a new study published Thursday in JAMA Oncology.
Running A Marathon Could Help You Live Longer, Study SuggestsNeed another reason to sign up for that marathon in 2020? New research suggests training and running a marathon for the first time could reverse some of the effects of aging on our bodies.
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