Woodstock Woman Dies In Marriottsville CrashHoward County police are investigating a fatal collision that happened Tuesday night in Marriottsville.
Maryland Sees 8.5 Percent Decrease In Roadway Fatalities In 2018Last year, 511 people lost their lives in vehicle crashes across Maryland, according to data released Wednesday at the annual Maryland Highway Safety Summit.
Man Fatally Crashes Off Road On I-70 In Howard CountyA 2013 Hyundai Veloster was driving west on I-70 when for unknown reasons the driver, who was the only one in the car, left the road to the right and overturned into the tree line. 
New Traffic Study Finds Uptick In Driving-Related Deaths Across USNew national data shows a sizable increase in the number of driving-related deaths across the country.
NTSB: Nearly As Many Die In Speed Related Crashes As Alcohol Related CrashesA federal agency is now calling for action after an extensive report reveals an alarming number of people die in speed related crashes, nearly as many as in alcohol related crashes.
Maryland Senator Wants Hit-and-Run Alert System Maryland has statewide alert systems for missing children and endangered adults. Now a state senator wants an alert system to help nab hit-and-run drivers.
Authorities Urge Motorcycle SafetyMaryland State Police are urging motorcycle operators and automobile drivers to use caution to prevent more fatal crashes.
Study Finds Red Light Cameras Cut Fatal CrashesRed light cameras were sold to the public as a way to reduce serious accidents, but some saw it as a new revenue stream for strapped cities. Now the first nationwide study includes Baltimore.