AAA: Maryland Gas Price Average Up 15 Cents In The Last WeekSince last Friday, gas prices across Maryland have increased by at least 15 cents, according to AAA. 
Maryland Gas Prices Hold Steady As 2021 BeginsThe new year has started, but prices at the gas pump in Maryland and across the nation are holding steady. 
Gas Prices Hit Highest Level Since Mid-March, AAA SaysGas prices are at their highest since mid-March when stay at home orders were first issued in many parts of the country, according to AAA. 
Uptick In Gas Demand Pushes Local And National Averages Higher, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysSince Monday, Maryland drivers have seen an increase at the pump, mirroring the national average, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic. 
AAA Mid-Atlantic: Gas Prices At Lowest Levels Since 2004Gas prices have hit a new milestone that is sure to save you money.
Gas Prices Holding Steady In MarylandDrivers are seeing very little change to prices at the pump as the summer driving season winds down.
As Businesses Reopen, Maryland's Average Gas Price Increases By 4 Cents, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysAs businesses begin to reopen amid loosened restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Marylanders will see a slight increase in prices at the pump, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.
Maryland's Average Gas Price Under $2 For Fifth Week, National Average Up 5 Cents, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysFor the fifth consecutive week, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas in Maryland is under $2, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.
Maryland Gas Price Average Under $2 For Three Straight WeeksMaryland's statewide gas price average has been under $2 for three weeks now as the coronavirus pandemic continues.
Maryland Gas Price Average Under $2 For Two Weeks, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysDrivers in Maryland saw gas prices drop again this week, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.
Gas Price Drop Continues For Another Week, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysMaryland drivers experienced another week of decreasing gas prices as the national demand dropped to its lowest point since spring of 1968. 
Coronavirus Impacts: Maryland Gas Prices Drop As Fewer People Hit The RoadLow demand for oil thanks in part to the coronavirus has resulted in gas prices across Maryland being some of the lowest residents have seen in years.
Gas Prices See Unseasonal Increase, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysAfter several weeks of decline, local drivers saw a hike in gas prices this week.
AAA: Gas Prices Drop, Demand At A Typical Wintertime LowMany local gas prices dropped again this week. 
AAA: Maryland Gas Prices Down 6 Cents In Last WeekDrivers across Maryland are benefitting from a mid-winter slump at the pump.