Coronavirus In Maryland: More Than 900 Cases Reported In 24 Hours, Hospitalizations FlatMore than 900 more COVID-19 cases were reported in the last 24 hours in Maryland. It's another day of large jumps in cases. 
Coronavirus In Maryland: Cases Top 73.5K As Hospitalization Slightly DeclineAs coronavirus cases in Maryland top 73,500, hospitalizations slightly declined after a slight increase over the weekend. 
Coronavirus In Maryland: As Cases Top 67.5K, Hospitalizations Remain FlatFor the second day in a row, coronavirus hospitalizations in Maryland did not decline, rather went up by a few cases.
Coronavirus In Maryland: Cases Climb Past 64K As Hospitalizations Continue To DeclineHospitalizations continued to decline Sunday as Maryland state health officials say the number of coronavirus cases reported in the state climbed past 64,000.
Nearly 63K COVID-19 Cases Reported In Maryland, As State Tests More Than 15K In 24 HoursHospitalizations are at their lowest level in 73 days, as Maryland corornavirus cases reach nearly 63,000.
COVID-19 Hospitalizations Decline In Maryland For 20th Consecutive DayMaryland coronavirus hospitalizations declined for the 20th consecutive day, according to numbers released by the Maryland Health Department, however 34 more Marylanders have died due to the virus.
As COVID-19 Cases Surpass 62K In Maryland, Hospitalizations Continue To DecreaseFor the 19th consecutive day, coronavirus hospitalizations in Maryland have decreased, but the number of cases just surpassed 62,000.
Hospitalizations Continue Downward Trend As Maryland Reports More Than 61.7K COVID-19 CasesCoronavirus hospitalizations decreased for the 18th day in a row, according to new numbers released by Maryland's Department of Health.
COVID-19 Hospitalizations Drop Below 800, As Maryland Cases Surpass 61KCoronavirus hospitalizations have dropped below 800 and decreased for the 17th day in a row, according to new numbers released by Maryland's Department of Health. 
COVID-19 Hospitalizations Continue To Decrease In Maryland As Cases Surpass 60.6KAs Maryland reports more than 60,600 coronavirus cases in the state, hospitalizations continue to decline.
Maryland COVID-19 Hospitalizations Continue Downward Trend As Death Toll Surpasses 2,000More than 2,000 people have died from coronavirus in Maryland, according to new numbers released by the state Wednesday morning.