Domino Sugar Climbs Aboard The International Space StationA product out of Baltimore reaches the stars on Tuesday.
University Of Maryland Students Send Projects To The ISS"Launched in Space" University of Maryland students are working to change the world from the International Space Shuttle.
Cecil County Students Get To Talk To ISS Astronaut In ClassIt takes more than a school bus for a field trip into space, but NASA made it happen for students at Leeds Elementary School in Elkton.
Christmas Delivery At Space Station, Courtesy Of JapanChristmas gifts arrived at the International Space Station on Tuesday, courtesy of Japan.
NASA Astronaut On Verge Of Becoming Oldest Woman In SpaceNASA astronaut Peggy Whitson is on the verge of becoming the oldest woman in space, adding to her long list of barrier-breaking records.
Successful Rocket Launch From Wallops Island Lights Up Night SkyA successful blast off, as NASA sends an unmanned rocket into the night skies, just two years after disaster on that same launching pad.
Wallops Island Rocket Launch Delayed Till MondayOrbital ATK was poised to fly its Antares rocket with a load of supplies for the International Space Station, after being grounded for two years. But seven hours before the planned liftoff, NASA announced the flight was off until Monday night.
Astronaut Breaks US Record: 521 Days In Space And Counting Astronaut Jeffrey Williams has a new record for NASA under his space belt.
International Space Station Makes 100,000th Orbit of EarthIt's 100,000 laps around Earth and counting for the International Space Station.
Md. Astronaut, 2 Others Safely Return To Earth After Space Station StintA three-person crew from the International Space Station has landed safely in Kazakhstan after a longer than expected orbital stint.
Md. Astronaut Catches Northern Lights From SpaceThis week, earth was hit harder than expected by a massive blast from the sun.